JT-1 Specifications and Features

The JT-1 was designed to be used in strenuous - real world conditions. Most of the below features are not offered by our competitors, and if they are, you must pay extra.

Key Specifications and Design Features

  1. Height - 43" || Width - ~61" || Overall Length - 8' || Cargo Box - 3' x 5' x 20" || Cargo Area - 26 cubic feet || Weight - 400-500 lbs
  2. 2,500 lb axle - Is this overkill for a 400lb trailer? Sure, but the last thing you want when dragging the JT-1 across rocks, over boulder, and on rough washboard is to bend the axle or a spline shaft. It only costs a few bucks more to use a 2,500 lb axle, so we do!
  3. Ultra-Lube Spindles/Hubs - Never have to repack your bearings again! Fitted with a zerk connection, the Ultra-Lube Spindles make hub maintenance very easy. The animation below shows how they work.
  4. Side Material - For the same price we can use tongue in groove sealed cedar wood, diamond plate steel, or sheet steel. We can also use polished aluminum for a slightly higher price.
  5. Bed Material - The trailer bed is made out of 16g steel diamond plate that has been coated with bed-liner
  6. External Accessory Mounts - The standard JT-1 comes with a Hi-Lift/Farm Jack mount on the passenger side and four "Quick Fist" mounts on the driver side. These allow you to mount a shovel, axel, or other tool.
  7. UPOL Bed Liner - All exposed metal surfaces are primed with an acide etch and then coated with a two-part polyurethane bed liner to protect it against corrosion and use. Additionally, the bedliner application looks very nice. If you want to learn more about the UPOL bedliner, google "UPOL Raptor" to see the many applications people have done.
  8. BFG All Terrains - The JT-1 comes standard with BFG All Terrain AT/KOs, sized 33x10.50, mounted on Cragar Soft 8 rims with a 5x4.5 bolt pattern. This means that the wheels will fit most Jeeps. Most off-roaders know the prowess of the BFG brand when it comes to off road. We chose BFG ATs due to their triple sidewall which helps reduce the likelihood of cutting a sidewall and experiencing a flat.
  9. Rear Receiver Hitch - The JT-1 comes standard with a rear 2" receiver hitch. This allows you to plug in bike rack or other utility rack as well as use it as a tow point. With the 3/8" keel of the JT-1, running from the coupler to the rear receiver, the JT-1 is strong enough to run a tow strap to.
  10. Hydraulic Assisted Lid / Cargo Carrier - The JT-1's lid not only offers protection from the elements, it is designed in a such a way so that it can carry up to 100lbs. There are six tie-down points on the lid and to ensure that it is easy to open, two gas struts assist with raising and lowering the lid. Also, the top has four hinges - overbuilt for sure but designed to last.
  11. No crimped joints here - All electrical connections on the JT-1 are soldered, coated in dielectric compound, and covered in shrink wrap. No junky crimp connectors or wire nuts used. Soldering takes longer but is more rugged and weathertight and less prone to fail on the trail.